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Puppy Dog Theme Birthday Party

Party Menu:Puppy Dog Birthday Party Cake
Corn Dogs
Veggies and Dip
Sloppy Joes
Potato Salad
Corn on the Cob

Doggie Paw Print Cake
Dog Bone Shapes Cookies with Dog Bone sprinkles

Children Games:
Pass the Dog Bone (Hot Potato Game)
Pin the Bone in the Dog’s Mouth (Pin the Tail on the Donkey)
Doggie Relay Race

Dog Tags
Doggie Style Visor Hats

This “Puppy Dog” theme birthday party was inspired by my 4 year old son who has a black puppy stuffed animal that he loves tremendously.

His birthday is at the end of summer, so the weather is great for outdoor activities and games with the children invited to the party.

We set up a camping style outdoor tent. It was large enough for us to stand inside. The tent was screened, normally used for eating your meals at a campground. We called this tent “The Dog House”. I used poster board and decorated large letters that spelled out “The Dog House.” My children helped me color this, and I hung it outside the tent with streamers and balloons.

When the party began, we had all our guests invited inside “The Dog House” to make the first craft, the Dog Tag necklaces. We set up card tables with chairs for the children to sit at. The Dog Tags were fruit loop cereal strung on yarn and I added a paper cut out circle that had each child’s name on it. I hole-punched each circle and glued the circle onto cardboard for supported strength. I did this set up of the craft prior to the party. The kids only had to take their tags and string cereal on the yarn to create a necklace.

Puppy Dog Hats for Birthday Parties

Next, we decorated Doggie Style Visor Hats. I purchased white visor hats from www.Michaels.com  and purchased extra white foam for cutting out the ears. I cut the ears prior to the party, and also attached the ears to the visors by using gold paper fascines. I had each child decorate their hat with large plastic google eyes and a large black pom pom ball for the nose. Each child personalized their own hat with self-stick foam art, i.e. dinosaurs and stars. You can find these at any craft center.

Next, we played our Dog Games; Pin the Bone on the Dog’s Mouth.  This game I had Puppy Dog Birthday Party Gameused poster board and drawn a dog and bones for the game. We also played Pass the Bone, with a real dog bone I purchase for your traditional hot potato game. We played the game to music of “How much is that Doggie in the Window.”

Next, we ate our picnic style meal and had birthday cake with our “Doggie Paw Print Cake.”  The cake was made simply by using 8 inch round pan and 4 cupcakes to complete the paw print. Frosted in my son’s favorite chocolate frosting. I offered cupcakes and doggie bone cookies that were homemade and iced with doggie bone sprinkles.

Last, we played the Doggie Relay Race with two teams. I purchased to new doggie bowls from a dollar store. I filled another bowl with dried brown beans and gave each team a plastic spoon. They were to scoop beans in spoon and run to the doggie bowl and drop them in and run back to the next team member until the bowl was filled. First one to fill bowl won the game. Kids had lots of fun and the weather was great for these outdoor activities.