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Letter P Day with the Kids

Consider a “Letter P” Day with the Kids

Letter P Day with the Kids

This is an activity that I did with my kids one winter break day. The kids were home from school and it was a cold snowy day. So I felt like it was a great day to have a “Letter P Day”.

To start our “Letter P Day”, we started with staying in our pajamas all day. I had a son in first grade, a preschooler, and a new baby…so it very easy for a mom like me to stay in PJ’s!

The rules for our “P” day were to eat things, and play games, and activities that started ONLY with the “Letter P”.

So are morning breakfast was pancakes and pineapple juice.  After breakfast, we had a set time to play with Playdo. We also played with puzzles, and Mr. Potato Head. We also had a small table top pinball Pirate game.

For lunch we ate Pizza and Pasta with Pink Lemonade. After lunch, we had craft time which including “Making Puppets”. Check your local libraries for creative books on making easy and inexpensive puppets with just some glue, construction paper and markers and crayons. You can use large wooden tongue depressors or craft sticks, yarn, glue, and plastic google eyes. We made  homemade puppets out of lunch bags. These are simple and inexpensive crafts that everyone has at home.

We read books for a story time after lunch that started with the letter P like “If You Give a Pig a Pancake.” We read stories on Pirates. We have a puppet stage that the kids love using, and they were able to show off their puppets in a play.

We wound down the day with a Scooby Doo movie, “Pirates Ahoy”, and Veggie Tales, “Pirates that Don’t Do Anything” with a bowl of popcorn for a snack.

For dinner, we ended with sharing our exciting day with dad. My kids enjoyed it so much that my eldest son wanted to go through each letter in the alphabet!

Surprise your kids with an idea or a theme….and they will surprise you with enjoying it and coming up with more!!