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A Grown Up Room For Your Growing Child

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Lorena Benchis

Hardwood floors are a beauty to behold but with them comes certain problems. If you have ever had a water stain on your hardwood floors you know exactly what I'm talking about. Water and hardwood do not go together well and the solution to fix the floor involves a lot more than merelyChilds Bedroomusing a cleaner and a rag to clean it up.

It can be hard to keep up with the changes in taste that a child will have during their teenage years, so when you next redecorate their room, see if you’d rather choose furnishings that will last a long time and see them through their adolescence or maybe make choices that will last a few years before they want something different.

An early teen might like the idea of having a bedroom with a mid or high sleeper, so that they can have a desk or sofa bed underneath. This is great for saving on space and gives their room a bit of different feel. It’s not just a room for sleeping in; they can socialise with their friends and have some quiet space to do their homework and studies.

However, the novelty of climbing up to bed may wear off after a few years, in which case you’ll need to rethink the layout of their bedroom. They may prefer to have a double bed, and sacrifice the space so they can really stretch out in bed. Or they might prefer to stick with a single bed, so they still have room for a recliner chair or sofa in their room. There are so many for sale that you’re sure to be able to pick up a bargain.

Redecorating your child’s bedroom is sometimes a good opportunity to spend time together too – something that’s not always easy to achieve when you have a teenager who likes to spend all their time with their friends. You can use the time redecorating as a way to reconnect over a weekend!

Try and get your teen to narrow down a few different color schemes and looks they would like, and then you can help make the final decision. Harveys Furniture on YouTube is a great source of ideas for different looks that you can achieve.