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Washing Machine Making a Loud Grinding Noise

Is your washing machine making a strange grinding noise. Before you call a repairman, consider doing it yourself. One of the most frequent washing machine repairs is replacing the Dog Agits.  A repair service will charge upwards of $200 +, when this is a 5 minute job and a $10 part!

The Dog Agits are the part that allow theWashingMachine agitator to rotate in one direction and lock in the opposite direction. They are located in the center column inside of a top load washing machine. There four small plastic pieces that wear out over time and being to slip. It is this slipping that produces the grinding noise when the machine is in the agitate cycle.

Here is a YouTube link to a step by step video that explains how to replace the Dog Agits and it can be done in just 5 minutes. 

YouTube video: Whirlpool Washer Agitator Repair

The part number you will need is Dog Agits 80040.  It works with most Whirlpool, KichenAid, Kenmore and Roper brand clothes washers.