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Replacing the Blower Resister in a Chevy Malibu

Malibu Fan Switch

My blower fan stopped working on several of the fan settings in my 1999 Chevy Malibu.  This is typically the Blower Resister located next to the fan under the dash. The cost at repair shop is between $200 to $300!  This price is base mostly on labor with the part only costing about $20.  You can do it yourself, but getting to it is the difficult part.  For whatever reason, in most cars it is located against the firewall on the passenger side under the dashboard.  Allow 2 hours to make the fix and a little frustration while working upside down twisted under the dashboard.

  1. It is a little easer if you remove the Glove Compartment. You will know why when you put everything back together.
  2. Dash Cover PlateRemove the cover plate that exposes the underneath dash.  There is typically three or four screw depending on the model and year. (Mine had three) You will need to wiggle it loose to get it out.  There is a duct vent that it connects to that is resistant to letting go.
  3. You will see the Body Control Module (BCM); it will slide to the right side and drop out of the way.
  4. Body Control ModuleWhen you look at the blower fan, you will see the jumper connection that is connected to the Blower Resister.  With most cars you will need to drop out the blower fan to get to the bolts holding the Resister in.
  5. Remove the blower Fan. Should be only three bolts holding it in place.Fan and Blower Resister
  6. With fan removed, remove the Resister jumper cable and then remover the bolts holding the Resister in place.  (This is where a ‘U’ Joint Ratchet pays for itself 3 times over!)         I have always found that things go back together about half as difficult as they came apart.Blower Resister  
  7. After installing the new Resister and remounting the blower fan, test the fan switch to make sure everything works.
  8. When putting back on the cover plate, you will find it tricky getting the fan duct back in place.  This is when having the Glove Compartment removed helps.  You should be able to reach in where the Glove Compartment was and hold the duct in place while placing the cover plate back in place.

Blower Resiter Old vs New