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How To Change a Furnace Filter

Changing the air filter on your home furnace is a necessary part of extending the life on your furnace.  Many people neglected to do this on a timely based and the result can damage the blower motor and even more major damage to the burn from overheating. 

The sad part is that changing the filter is easy and takes no time at all.  When done on regularly, your furnace can last for years beyond the warranty.  My furnace was installed when I built my home 17 years ago.  My contractor put in the basic no frills model, which is probably too small for the size of house. I leave my blow in the “ON” position instead of “Auto, which means the motor has been running none stop for 17 years. 


It is my opinion, leaving the motor continually run helps circulate the air through the home, and keeps the motor from stopping and starting so much.  The stopping and starting is the hardest phase of the motor life cycle. I change the filter on the 1st of every month and I buy the cheapest filters I can find.    I have not had any service calls yet.  I did have to replace the heat chamber thermocouple once a few years ago, but that was easy to do myself.

  To change the filter, turn off the furnace electrical supply.  This will turn off the blower and prevent the heat chamber from turning on.  The filter is typically visible from the side or by removing the front panel. cover A good thing to do is mark the filter with either the date you replaced it or the next date it needs changed.  I like the putting the next date it needs change so I don’t have to think about it.  If the date is past due, change the filter. Just like checking the date on the milk carton before you pour a big glass for dipping your cookies in.


It is that simple and can save big money in the long run.