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How To Replace A Kitchen Sink

Replacing a kitchen sink is not very hard at all. In most cases you should need a plumber. It really depends on how old your pluming is. However, you will need a second pair of hands to lift out the old sink and set the new one.  You should allow 3 to 4 hours to complete the job.

New Sink Before and After

  1. 1. Shut of the water supply. Usually located under the sink itself.
  2. Disconnect the water lines.Under Sink Drain U Joint
  3. Unplug the garbage disposal (if you have one), and disconnect the drain pipes between the pipe coming form the bottom of the sink and the top of the ‘U’ joint.
    It is best if you disconnect the drain line on the outside of the ‘U’ joint leaving the water in the ‘U’ joint to block the fumes.  If you disconnect on the inside of the ‘U’ joint the gas fumes from the sewer drain will choke a cat. You will need to put a rag in the drain hole to block the fumes.
  4. There will be clamps securing the sink to the counter top.  Make sure you remove them all.Kitchen Sink Clamps
  5. Leave the sink faucet and garbage disposal connected to the sink when you lifting it out. Just make sure that nothing is connected to the wall or drain.  
  6. When the sink was first put in, it should have had a caulking around the edge. This will make it difficult to just lift straight out.  You can you a car jack to help break it free.Car Jack lifting out kitchen Sink
  7. Lift the sink and all the hardware straight out.
  8. With the sink out, remove the sink faucet and garbage disposal.
  9. Clean off all the old caulking.
  10. Remount the sink faucet and garbage disposal to the new sink.  It is much easier if you mount everything with the sink on the floor before installing the sink in the counter top.
  11. When placing the new sink back in the counter top, place a block of wood on either side of the sink.  This will let you set the sink down with out pinking your fingers.  It also allows you to apply caulking.Setting Kitchen sink on block of wood
  12. Once the sink is in place align the sink before screwing in the clamps.
  13. Reconnect the drain and water lines. 

Easy enough, brand new sink!!