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This site is about home, family and Life experiences


This site was create to share with you our own personal experiences, family thoughts, creative crafts, and daily home improvements with lots of FUN!

Our family consists of school age and pre-school age children. The dad works a full time job outside of the home everyday, and a stay-at-home mom or a.k.a. “Domestic Engineer”.  As parents in this everyday life, we wear a lot of different “hats” that define us. But in everything we do, have FUN in it!

Our children are interested in hobbies that can be found with any “everyday” kid. Building blocks, Lego’s, Pokémon, dinosaurs, lots of bugs, snakes, alligators, robots, trucks, cars, puzzles, games, Mr. potato head, geo-tracks trains and Thomas the trains…and anything else a young boy can get there hands on. We have three sons, and they are such a blessing and much, much FUN! The boys share their own creative ideas with us…and it takes and extra second of time to listen to them! They have inspired us with many crafts and games and projects to do and share with them.

On this site you will find “Mom’s Kitchen Corner” with a variety of delicious recipes. “Dad’s Home Improvements” with simple home projects and improvements, creative building projects that any one would enjoy doing. Our impressions as everyday parents of “Movies/Book Reviews”, Take a look at our “Kids Corner” which offers our own FUN and creative craft ideas for birthdays, holidays, and just everyday FUN!

We will continue to share our thoughts on family movies, books and activities that are good for children of all ages. Products that mom’s and dad’s loves to use!  Toys and hobbies that the kids love as well!